Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Lucy was accidentally poisoned. Nobody meant to do it but she will need to be monitored constantly for today and tomorrow. She's been down since Friday night. Both eyes are severely infected and she has been in danger of losing one of them but I think she's improving now.

I had the option of leaving her in the doggie hospital but around here if you opt to do that for 3 days you might as well put your house on the market and sell all your clothes which in my case wouldn't bring much of a profit.

Gotta go cuz I can't leave her alone. She's been in a lot of pain but seems much better today.
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Friday, February 23, 2007
For the next few Fridays I want to dedicate this blog to some of the folks I have met on-line.
The question of weather or not you can make true friendships with someone you've only spoken to on-line comes up often. I will admit to being burned many times by people pretending to be someone they are not. But as far as I'm concerned the good folks I've met make it all worth while.

So, come by on Friday's. See some people through my eyes. Get to know them yourselves while I'm away. And who knows .... you could be next up on Tribute Friday. LOL!
PS. Don't get used to all this sappy crap cuz, there's no way I can maintain it any length of time.


(she’ll hate I did this, which a’course makes it ever so much more fun)
When I first met Milky…9..10 years ago…we were on a General Hospital message board. I have to tell you, I found myself instantly drawn to the crazy, outspoken, Texican. And BOY HOWDY can she be outspoken. LOL!
When I got hit by my very first flamer, I was instantly crushed. I’d never posted on-line before and I have to tell you I was soooo humiliated and embarrassed that I immediately stopped posting ….. (but not reading). Damned if that crazy Texican didn’t go RAMBO on those flamers. OMG! You’ve not lived till you watch a pissed off Texan in action.
As you mighta figured, I posted again. And Milky’s been putting out my behind the curtain fires and defending me like a rabid bulldog ever since.
We’ve been together thru births and deaths. Celebrated our birthdays, sent Christmas presents, and decorated countless rooms together.
We almost met…in person. We had hotel rooms and flights booked, and HUGE pranks planned for the other gals. Then two jet airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers. I know because Milky IM’d me and told me to turn the tv on RIGHT NOW! I did, and we watched together, shocked and horrified by what we were seeing.
Never tell me that true friendships can’t be made on-line. Milkmaid and I have laughed, cried, and yes, even had our share of knock down, drag outs. (Happily with her so far away, no physical damaged has ever occured. Otherwise there's no telling which of us would have the most knots on our head. LOL! )

She is my friend and I love her.

I can tell you for a fact when we finally meet in person that red-haired Texan is gonna get the breath hugged clean out of her.
PS. Thought you all might enjoy a sample from mine and Milky’s IM yesterday afternoon while I was writing this.

crabgotgame: I'm writing my tributes for tomorrow
milkmaid1979: ok. LOL, I'll leave ya alone
crabgotgame: Naw. I gotta stop anyhow. Yours made me cry
milkmaid1979: OH PLEASE, did you kill me?
crabgotgame: not yet
crabgotgame: I haven't figured out how yer gonna go


Well, I gotta tell ya… I never thought my adopted brother would turn out to be a wolverine but….there it is.
What can I tell you about barman that you don’t already know for yourselves? That he’s a good sport? Nnnnn no. You know that. That he’s probably one of the most genuinely decent people on the net? Nnnnn no. You all GOTTA have figured that one out.
I’ll tell you this, I believe I can always count on him to tell me the truth, even if he thinks it’s something I don’t wanna hear. I respect him more than I can say for always, ALWAYS being himself.
He is a man of integrity. A while back some of the gals and I were going to do a board with fake girls on it…guys posting as girls….as a joke on Jake. (for those of you who don’t know, Jake is my son and MAN did he get me a good one with this made up ho he called Honeyhive. DAMN I STILL HATE HER, even though I know now he made her up. LOL…. K …another story.) Anyway, Barman couldn’t do it. As nicely as he could he told me honestly that he just wouldn't feel right deceiving Jake or anyone like that. He did add however that he thought it was a funny idea. LOL!
Before you annoint him for saint hood, I will warn you, the man has an ornery side. He’s just as likely to zing you as any of my other friends. Trust me.
All in all, wolverine or no, I could not ask for a finer brother. Nor one I’m more proud of.


Yeegads! This crazy Irishman has spent so much time yankin on my pigtails that I swear my hair has grown two inches longer since I met him. Ornery doesn’t even begin to describe Gareth. I doubt a minute of the day goes by that he isn’t plotting something or another. As soon as I see his name on a comment, I smile and get ready…. because…I know….KNOW……it’s coming. I never know what for sure….but there’s always something. LOL!

What I didn’t know is that Gareth ….no…you know what….you guys need to read Gareth’s own words to understand what I was going to try to say here.
Here’s a link to his post and ladies before you read his post, be prepared to find a huge soft spot forever embedded in your hearts for this young, mischievous, fella. He is honest in a way most of us won't or can't be.

When you get there, scroll down to the post entitled, "Facing the Future."

Do yourselves a favor a get to know these 3 better (if you don’t already) while I’m busy catching up with myself.



Milky of course…is stuck here with me at the field. LOL!

And that is it for this weeks tributes. Next Friday come back for 3 more. I’m not nearly finished.
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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Would you believe I really have to wear this thing to sand or dust? You can hear yourself breathe when it's on. Weirdness. Pure weirdness. Plus I think it's bending my nose down.

BIG PS. I'll be putting up a tribute to a few of you guys each Friday so definitely come by on Friday's.
(no I can't do everybody on one day. I'm only one person damn it!)
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Monday, February 19, 2007
On Friday I began having some kind of attacks or something. My pulse raced and I got sweaty like I'd been on the treadmill for 40 minutes. I was running errands and had to keep going to the ladies room to hide out till it passed.

As many of you know I have long had a fear of dyin on the toilet or some other embarrassing place. Middle of the shopping mall would not be good. In my head I can see myself laying there dead as a Nun's love life whilst folks gather round pointing and saying things like....

Observer #1:
I can't believe she wore those pants with that shirt!"
"I can't believe she'd leave the house in that shirt at all. Are those food stains?"

Observer #2. "I guess you never know when you'll drop dead in a public place. That's why I always put on a little make up before I leave the house."
Observer #3 "Do you think we should close her mouth?"

Saleslady who knows me: "No. She wouldn't look natural with her mouth closed. It's always open."

Observer #1 again: That explains the size of her ass.

Anyway, you get the idea, right?

Friday night I had another attack and I used my blood pressure monitor to see what the damage really was that was taking place. My pulse was 160. Blood pressure 167/132 or something like that. Explains the sweating for sure. The question over the next few days has become, why is this happening?

There are a combination of things causing the problem. Allergy meds and the stress of being over-extended. I have too many things going on at one time to possibly keep up with them all.

That brings me to this blog. You mighta noticed I'm posting less and less these days. And visiting even less than that. I'm having a hard time keeping up. And since I enjoy you all so much I make a huge effort to get in here even when I know it's gonna cost me dearly on time for my projects, chores, and work load.

So I'm shutting down the field so I can catch up with myself. I can't think of any other way to manage my time problem. I've tried. But the truth is once I sit down here, it's all over. I'm in the blogs playing with you guys and nothing else gets done. I've even forgotten to feed the bird before if things are particularly perky around here. Then when I do get myself up, I look around and think.....ohhhhhh CRAP! It's just not possible for me to blog.... a little while. Like everything else, once my fingers are in it, I just dig deeper and deeper until I've lost all track of time.

I will miss you all terribly and I'll think about each of you every day for sure. But I have to "get her done" and get myself back on track. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll learn some self-control, get my stuff all caught up and come back to drive you all batty again with another blog. But waiting for me to mature and obtain any degree of self-c0ntrol.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA! Who are we kidding?
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Thursday, February 15, 2007
Ever had one of those days?
I'm having one now.
It all started when the dust catching gadget blew off my sander. Once I regained my vision, I decided it was time to stop sanding for the day and move onto other things.

So, I began to create a little sumthin for Gareth. Here I sat, creating away, giggling, happy as a clam, not bothering a soul when....
my friggin desk collapsed! I'm not kidding. It just toppled. Admittedly, I was trying to move it a little. But it broke! A desk doesn't just break. Well, maybe if it's real cheap it does. Mine was a little below real cheap. So there I stood valuables hitting the floor, arms wrapped around my monitor hanging on for dear life, yelling...."HELP! HELP! HELLLLP!

Luckily Jake came to the rescue and held the desk up while I stuffed books under my now broken bargain desk.

(I know what you're thinking and God was NOT either punishing me for messin with Gareth. I'm not making a bad thing. Least I don't think it's bad. Actually, it's kinda cute.)

Off I go into the kitchen cuz my coffee fell on the floor along with speakers and pretty much everything else. I needed more coffee. But guess what? The kitchen was flooded. For some reason...today, the dishwasher decided to wash the entire kitchen in addition to the dishes.

I got a towel down to sop up the mess Lucy flies in, nabs my soaking wet towel and takes off with it. round and round we ran...in a perfect circle one room to the next...over and over, while I shouted threats at her most dogs would shiver in their fur over.

Now here I sit at my broken desk with a cold cup of coffee, an idiot dog at my feet, while the bird sings........"I be odder wedder." for those of you who don't speak Webster.....basically he's just singing the oscar myer weiner song. He likes it. I don't know why.

So tell me, have you ever had one of those days? What happened?

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
If I said to you, "It's hard to make a poop when your butt is in the snow." What would you think? Seriously.
That's what I said to Bob and Jake last night while we were eating dinner and they both nearly choked on their food because they were laughing so hard.
Jake regaining his composure first says, "So why are you pooping in the snow?"
"Good question," Bob agrees.
I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE DOG! Poor thing. The snow is so deep now she can't get her butt above it. But thanks to last nights ice storm and the freezing weather, she can now walk across the top of the snow and not sink. I'm betting that's a relief to her anus. Not that I'm going to ask it or anything.

I took this last night after everybody went to bed. No flash. It's that bright outside!

Lucy, a.k.a, Nanook of the North, has developed an addiction to snow ball eating. She stays out there so long sometimes she can barely walk when she gets inside because snow gets caked between the pads of her feet.
So I have to take a paper towel and remove all the snow and ice from between her pads. Sadly for me, Lucy also has a passion for paper products which means the whole time I'm trying to do her a solid she's trying to grab the paper towel so she can eat it.

And last but for me not least....check out the steps that run up from my basement.

IT'S A GIANT SLED HILL! only problem.....good chance we'd run head first into that heavy door at the bottom. Soon as I figure out a way around that, I might give it a go.

I do wonder tho, how am I gonna shovel this so the junk hauling guys can carry the big junk up outa my basement?

Oh well, we won't worry about that. It's still a good sledding hill.
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
We got snow! Lots and lots of it. Lucy is in Golden Retriever snow frolic heaven. What ya see here is just the beginning.

Sadly, we also have a butt load of ice under it which makes driving horrid for every one but me cuz, my little Scion ROCKS OUT in the snow! And laughs at the ice.

I'll take more pics as the day progresses. Probably with me in it shoveling. (not good)

For those of you who wondered where I've been. (nobody) This is part of my MIA.
For 6 years I have been trying in vain to convince Bob to allow me to redo these stairs. I personally find them dark and foreboding. Too Amityville Horror for me. I like brighter, more happy things.
Thanks to Milky's relentless picture sending and my gift for talking until an intelligent grown man is reduced to tears, begging for blessed unconsciousness, he has FINALLY agreed and given me the green light.

I have this much sanded. And I'm gearing up to sand down the rest.
I'll be posting more pics of this (if) anyone is interested.

And finally I must confess to a serious addiction. I have discovered the game Sudoku. Found an awesome web site where you can time your puzzles and see how you rate among other players.

In an attempt to improve my score of 97% behind everyone else that plays I am hereby and heretofore requesting all dumb people please go to that site and play so I will look better.
I thank you.

Oh and...here's the link

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Friday, February 09, 2007

An urgent blogger meeting has been called at the Cowpie Field in an attempt to answer the following questions.

1. Does Crabby have a twin?
2. Who is she?
3. Where has she been?
4. If she takes over Crabby's blog, will Crabby haunt her like the freaking haint in Poltergeist? Will the Cowpie Field turn into.....The Amityville Whore?....er....Horror?

1. Why is Crabby haunting the old folks at Willowbrooke?
2. As a spook, able to come and go as she pleases unseen, will she wreck havoc on the blogging world.
3. Will bloggers start bathing with their clothes on just in case she's followed them into the bathroom?
4. Will she spill blogger's secrets?
5. Will she be able to live without coffee?
note: Please disregard last question.
Thank you.
Will Bina still want the depantsed Mexican after she's seen this pic?

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
As Crabby's long lost twin (who currently has no memory of her name and will be needing one)
What was I talking about?
Oh...I remember.
Yesterday Crabby was pummeled to death by a fresh pineapple on a remote tropical island.

It happened when Crab noticed something familiar about the local island playboy. Something that made her.....suspicious.
For reasons no one will ever understand she ran over and flipped up the man's skirt...er...man-wrap thing. And found..... HE HAD NO PENIS! Indeed, he was a fraud.
Turns out the playboy was a woman named Olga.

Apparently Crab did a little stint in prison with Olga and some how recognized her through the man-hunk disguise.
It was not so much being outed that set Olga off as it was Crab's cackling laughter. Witnesses say she brayed like a jackass. Could be true. She was a little on the loud side.

I found this pic in her personal belongings. Looks like she and Olga may have had some freaky kind of relationship in the slammer.
But then, she never was quite right, if you know what I mean. Crabby tended to walk on shady side of normal.

I know you'll all miss her.
No. Really I don't know that at all.
But if you do feel badly take comfort in knowing that (possibly...maybe.....not at all sure) she now rests comfortable with all those other fish products in heaven.

Unless she went the other way. In which case, she is roasting her nuts off with other naughty crustasians. (is that spelled right? It looks wrong. Ah well, no matter.)

PS. I'm going thru Crabs things. Does anyone out there want her nasal irrigation thing? How 'bout her collection of paint samples? That statue of a drunk, de-pantsed Mexican on a donkey?

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Monday, February 05, 2007
I can't feel my nose any more. Is that bad?

It was 10 below nada when I woke up this morn. It's currently 1 below. And we still have no heat.

Space heaters on the pipes and critters to keep them from freezing. Lots of clothes on us.

It would have been fixed yesterday afternoon but......there's this problem.

Bob and I got pissed! It's a matter of principle. The guy (who is supposed to have parts and such) came out. Told us the problem is the same damn thing that we asked them to just replace last year and they talked us out of it. Then he disappeared into his truck for 20 minutes.

When he came back he said none of their reps or their warehouse had the part. That Traine would have to open up their store to provide it. It would be $90 for the repair and another $75 for them opening the store on Sunday. (OK. We can see that. No problem.) Then came the good part. There would be an $80 charge for him going to pick it up. NO!

It's a 10 dollar part! we were willing to pay the ninety for service. willing to pay the 75 to open the store, even though they should keep these things on the trucks. (very common part) but to charge us 80 bucks to go get it. I don't think so Tim.

Bob and I decided we'd rather freeze our asses right to the sofa than become 2 more victims hangin offa the belt of the heating and cooling industry. 6 degrees and they KNOW they have you. The look on the guys face when we said, "Nope. Forget it." was worth my numb nose and blue fingers.

Bob has located someone who will sell us the part (assuming that's really what's wrong) and he's on his way now to get it.

It was cold as hell last night. Would I do it again? You bet! Sometimes you just have to stand up and say, "no thank you. I don't care to be screwed over today."

I have to go wash my hair now. Screw me! That's gonna hurt! LOL!

3:15 (30 hours without heat. Outside temp 9 degrees)
This just keeps getting better and better.
Our new guy just left. Our furnace is a fire hazard. Turns out the heat exchanger is rusted all the way through. Something Airtron (the company we've called out every single friggin year since we moved in here 6 years ago) never bothered to check.
So, we need a new furnace.
We will be without heat until we can get one.

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Friday, February 02, 2007
Guys, these polls aren't going so well so far. Can you recruit some of your pals to come and vote so we can get this thing off the ground?

ps. it's 49 degrees in my house. 3 degrees outside with a high coming of 6 and the furnace decided to go on vacation. I'm typing with blue fingers here. Blasted furnace breaks every single year. You could set your watch by it. But when the furnace repair man comes out he gives Bob this big schpeel about how it's an old furnace but one of the best ever made. FURNACE DUDE......BITE ME! The damn thing breaks yearly. I say take it outside and shoot the damned thing.

(Sorry. I was up all night freezing. Could be I'm a tad testy. LOL!)

Free polls from Pollhost.com

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Here's a little something to ponder whilst I put the name list together for the grand finale vote.
Did you know if you turn your butt sideways, it smiles at you?

2nd part of our poll. Which name best fits this blog?
Free polls from Pollhost.com

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